Tahoe Engagement with Mike and Bren

I have known Mike and Bren for a couple years and I have always been so inspired by their genuineness and just their loveliness as people. When I heard they got engaged on Christmas I could not have been happier for them! Some of their friends reached out to me wanting to gift them an engagement session and I was BEYOND happy to get to be apart of such a special thing. As we were walking to the location of where we were shooting and they shared a little bit of their story! Their excitement and love was undeniable! They are living with intention together and it is so inspiring to see.

Enjoy seeing all this love!


Courtney+James+ Elizabeth


Last summer this little family came out with me and we went for a walk down to one of my favorite spots in South Lake Tahoe and it was a dream. I’ve known Courtney for as long as I can remember and seeing her become and be a Mom has been so inspiring! She is full of so much grace and loves her kiddos fiercely. They look up to her and love her right back. I’m a sucker for black and white. If you did not know that now you do :) There’s something so timeless and intriguing about them. Even though there is no color you can still feel so much emotion! So here’s a few from my time with Courtney and her beautiful children.


Family and Fall

Hello Friends! I know fall is over and its full blown winter, and I’m way behind on posting this. I just had to get these out into the world! We did this shoot in the mist of me moving and packing up my life. This shoot ended up being such a blessing in a stressful time! Taking pictures bring me back to the good stuff. Life and Love. And Family.

Cascade Lake Engagement

The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart. ~ Helen Keller

On one of the last days of summer Dakota proposed to Heather. It was beautiful! Their love for each other was so evident and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have been apart of such a special moment.

Newborn Session with Jack Maverick Danger Turner

Baby Jack Maverick Danger Turner! He is an angel and his parents are pretty great too. It was so fun spending some time with these guys and seeing the joy in life and love they have. There is something so special about capturing such a special moment in someone's lives! Its the little things in life my friends that become the big things! 

Take a look at this little guy! My heart can't take the sweetness!